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Blackbutt Plumbing Solutions has completed a range of commercial, industrial, civil and residential projects throughout the South Burnett and Queensland. We have a broad capability and can be engaged for short term maintenance work priced by the hour or longer term fixed price, lump sum quoted project work. Blackbutt Plumbing Solutions is a contracting member of Master Plumbers Association Queensland; working together to protect community health and environment through professional plumbing services.


Blackbutt Plumbing Solutions are trusted service providers for many businesses, organisations and individual homeowners and rural enterprises.


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Meet Liam

Liam is a dedicated family man and country boy at heart. He completed his apprenticeship in Maleny, Qld. After growing up in Peachester Qld, on a poultry farm and neighbouring dairy farms, the country air has never left his blood. When the opportunity came to settle in Blackbutt in 2009, so started the adventure that is now Blackbutt Plumbing Solutions.

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